Barry Oberholzer 

Founder of TerrorMate and author of Amazon best-seller, The Black Market Concierge. He is a former intelligence contractor with specific expertise in sanction busting, narcotics, narco-terror groups and smuggling syndicates in the Middle East, specifically Iran. Formerly he served as a confidential informant for the Department of Homeland Security, FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force, Belgium Customs Intelligence - Liege and HM Revenue & Customs in the United Kingdom.



                                   Jaromy Jannard-Pittario


Jaromy is a former West Coast Director of AoL and start up guru, being involved with startups VeloCity, LivingSocial & Gilt City. He is currently the V.P of StackCommerce and his family are the founders of Oakley Sunglasses and a Forbes 400 Family.He is one of the United States' most successful sales leaders.