How do I sign up for TerrorMate?

Simply go to your Apple or Android  app store, search for TerrorMate and download the app. When entering your details, please do not add a "0" before your mobile number, only use the international format (Country Code) i.e. +1 when using a USA number or +44 for UK etc.

How do I share my location?

On the map screen, click on the blue location pin on the bottom right. You will have an option for "Share Location" & "Request Location". To share/request, simply click on the button and select the contact who you want to share/request location with. Once accepted by your contact, you will see their location or they will see yours, on the map.

I don't see my contact's location?

Check under notification menu item, you/your contact need to accept/reject the request.

What is Chat?

Chat is our free in app messenger service. You can send/receive messages to any of your contacts who already has TerrorMate.

What is the Intel Feed?

During an attack/alert, the real-time updates will appear in your Intel Feed section. Here you can view images, share the news and follow events as they happen.

What is the Upload Media feature?

If you are in the area of a potential terror attack and would like to share event pictures/video or if you think you might be seeing any suspicious activity/packages, you can submit the media to our HQ who will be sharing it with relevant law enforcement agencies.

I don't see any of my contacts who have downloaded TerrorMate on my Chat/Contacts screen?

Make sure they have not entered a "0" before their mobile number. They must have the country code in front of their number in your address book i.e. +1 for USA and +44 for United Kingdom etc. We only accept the international format of a mobile number. Their number also needs to be in the international format (a plus sign followed by the country code + mobile number without "0" in front). In order to request a change this setting, please e-mail 

What alerts will I receive?

You will receive all serious suspected terror attack alerts as well as actual attack notifications. We will update the Intel Feed with real-time information so that you are informed even before major news agencies can report it.

Why do you have a location sharing feature?

The location sharing feature is purely for safety. Your contacts, whom you approve, are able to see your location at all times and in the case of a crisis event, they are able to pinpoint your exact location in case you are unable to notify anyone.

I don't see my location/My location is in the ocean!

Make sure your location services are enabled in your settings menu.

I have more questions...

If you have any more questions on the functionality or need technical support, please email